October 2020

Dr. Thomas Enriquez started his Fondation Fyssen fellowship. Welcome to the lab!

PhD student Léonore Wilhelm joined our lab. Welcome!

September 2020

Dr. Shulin He started his postdoctoral project. Welcome to the lab!

August 2020

MSc student Dilhan Ozturk successfully defended his thesis. Congrats!

July 2020

Léonore Wilhelm will join the lab as PhD student working on the link between the microbiome and fat synthesis in Leptopilina. Congrats Léonore!

The Peer Community in Zoology was founded! Submit your papers and/or become a recommender for this amazing publishing initiative. Go to for more info on how to join and publish!

June 2020

Dr Thomas Enriquez obtained a grant from the Fyssen Foundation to work in our lab on the effects of maternal behavior and the environment on plasticity of fat synthesis. Congrats!

May 2020

Our lab obtained a UCLouvain Fonds Spéciaux de Recherche grant to hire a new PhD student in collaboration with the lab of Prof Ellen Decaestecker (KU Leuven) to work on the effects of the microbiome on fat synthesis in parasitic wasps

February 2020

Dr Shulin He will be hired as a postdoctoral associate to work on the molecular basis of plastic fat synthesis in parasitic wasps

MSc students Céline Deltenre and
Loïc Smets joined the lab of my colleague Caroline Nieberding to work on learning in sexual preferences in Bicyclus anynana

January 2020

MSc student Jordan Wasnaire successfully defended his thesis. Congrats!

December 2019

Together with Prof Caroline Nieberding, our lab obtained a F.R.S.-FNRS Projet de Recherche grant to hire a new postdoc associate

October 2019

MSc-student Dilhan Ozturk joined the lab