March 2023

Have a look at Thomas‘s new paper on the importance of lipids for insect cold tolerance and overwintering.

The different roles of lipids at the cellular and organismal level for cold tolerance and overwintering in insects. Copyright Thomas Enriquez.

Listen to Prof. Caroline Nieberding in the podcast Soluble(s)(in French) talking about the impact of human-induced rapid environmental changes on insect biodiversity. She also discussed our recent paper on the effects of climate warming on butterflies! Available on the website of Soluble(s), Spotify, Deezer, and Apple podcasts.

January 2023

Delightful to see our work highlighted in the press! You can find the article of Le Soir here. Other news outlets have also picked up the story: L’Avenir, msn, Proximus, RTBF, Le Vif and Daily Science. An English coverage can be found in The Brussels Times.

Our paper on maladaptive learning of sexual preferences under climate warming has now been published in Functional Ecology! Congrats to the Nieberding lab for this amazing paper!

Congratulations to Drs Ismail and Albittar for getting their new paper on the pest aphid Aphis fabae accepted for publication!

December 2022

There she is! Our new mass spectrometer with chemical ionization has arrived. Further “add-ons” will arrive soon, such as GCxGC and Centri with HiSorb and SPME. Let the fun begin!

November 2022

Our paper on the effect of climate warming on mate preferences and learning in tropical butterflies has been accepted by Functional Ecology!

October 2022

The verdict is in:
UCLouvain convicted of workplace violence against biology professor.”

More info can be found here.

September 2022

I am immensely proud and grateful to my amazing, smart, and inspirational colleague Professor Caroline Nieberding for speaking up about the harassment and discrimination that we have faced for years at UCLouvain. Her case was heard September 16th by the labor court. Have a look at my #metoo university page for important press releases and more…

Our comprehensive review paper on our pet species, the amber wasp Leptopilina heterotoma, has been accepted pending minor revisions in Ecology and Evolution. Great job of the entire Visser lab!

July 2022

Thomas’s paper on pupal size as a proxy for fat content in Drosophila was just published in Scientific ReportsThe paper is available here. Congratulations!

Le Lann & Visser, together again @ the International Congress of Entomology in Helsinki, Finland.

Our lab obtained support from the Fondation Universitaire de Belgique for 750 euro to partly finance the open access publication of one of our papers!

June 2022

Welcome to Maxime Sigwald who joined the team as a job-student this summer!

Maude obtained a competitive ASPIRANT PhD grant from the FNRS. Amazing! Congratulations!

Thomas‘s paper on pupal size as a proxy for lipid content in Drosophila was accepted by Scientific Reports. Congratulations!

April 2022

Our lab joined the international research project ‘Gradients’ of Prof. Joan van Baaren (Rennes Univ France) to work on bet-hedging strategies in insects.

Congratulations to Léonore who found a new position at the University of Mainz! We wish you all the best!

February 2022

Our lab just obtained funding from ULiège to buy a new and amazing mass spectrometry machine!

December 2021

Our lab has moved to ULiège!!! We have joined the Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech campus.

A paper on the effects of learning and inbreeding on fitness and host plant colonization in spider mites has been accepted by Entomologia Generalis!

September 2021

Our paper on social learning and inheritance in non-social arthropods was published in Genes!

Dr. Mathilde Scheifler joined the team as a postdoc associate to work on the molecular basis of plastic fat synthesis. Welcome!

August 2021

Our new review paper on social learning and inheritance in non-social arthropods is now available on EcoEvoRxiv.

Bachelor student Sarah Vreurick joined our group as a summer intern. Welcome!

July 2021

Bachelor student Victoria Lievens joined our group as a summer intern. Welcome!

June 2021

The first traps are out to catch some wild Drosophila!

Bertanne gave an invited seminar at the Louvain Institute for Biomolecular Science and Technology on… fat synthesis in wasps

April 2021

Our paper on plasticity of fat synthesis in Leptopilina heterotoma was published in Scientific Reports!

February 2021

The special issue of the Journal of Experimental Biology ‘Predicting the Future: Species Survival in a Changing World‘ has been published! See our lab’s contribution to this special issue where we talk about the responses of parasitoids and their hosts in the face of predictable and unpredictable changes in temperature.

A recommendation for the paper by Weyna & Romiguier was published by the Peer Community in Evolutionary Biology (PDF)

MSc students Axelle Verdierre and Duncan Wilmart joined our lab. Welcome!

January 2021

Congratulations to Loïc Smets and Céline Deltenre from the Nieberding team for successfully defending their MSc thesis!

Maude Quicray joined our lab as a PhD student working on plasticity of fat synthesis. Welcome to the lab!

December 2020

A review on host and parasitoid responses to predictable and unpredictable temperature, written together with Joan van Baaren and Cécile Le Lann, has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Experimental Biology!

Our lab just obtained a Credit de Recherche and Equipement grant from the Fonds National de Recherche Scientifique!

There are currently 2 postdoc positions available in the lab of Prof Caroline Nieberding on the adaptive value of learning in butterflies. More information can be found here.

October 2020

Dr. Thomas Enriquez started his Fondation Fyssen fellowship. Welcome to the lab!

PhD student Léonore Wilhelm joined our lab. Welcome!

September 2020

Dr. Shulin He started his postdoctoral project. Welcome to the lab!

August 2020

MSc student Dilhan Ozturk successfully defended his thesis. Congrats!

July 2020

Léonore Wilhelm will join the lab as PhD student working on the link between the microbiome and fat synthesis in Leptopilina. Congrats Léonore!

The Peer Community in Zoology was founded! Submit your papers and/or become a recommender for this amazing publishing initiative. Go to for more info on how to join and publish!

June 2020

Dr Thomas Enriquez obtained a grant from the Fyssen Foundation to work in our lab on the effects of maternal behavior and the environment on plasticity of fat synthesis. Congrats!

May 2020

Our lab obtained a UCLouvain Fonds Spéciaux de Recherche grant to hire a new PhD student in collaboration with the lab of Prof Ellen Decaestecker (KU Leuven) to work on the effects of the microbiome on fat synthesis in parasitic wasps

February 2020

Dr Shulin He will be hired as a postdoctoral associate to work on the molecular basis of plastic fat synthesis in parasitic wasps

MSc students Céline Deltenre and
Loïc Smets
joined the lab of my colleague Caroline Nieberding to work on learning in sexual preferences in Bicyclus anynana

January 2020

MSc student Jordan Wasnaire successfully defended his thesis. Congrats!

December 2019

Together with Prof Caroline Nieberding, our lab obtained a F.R.S.-FNRS Projet de Recherche grant to hire a new postdoc associate

October 2019

MSc-student Dilhan Ozturk joined the lab