Peer Community In

Our lab supports the Peer Community In (PCI) initiative!

The Peer Community In is a non-profit scientific organization that aims at bringing together communities of researchers that review and recommend, for free, unpublished pre-prints in their field.

Peer-reviewed papers become valid references after recommendation by one of the PCIs. Recommended papers can be used by scientists, or others, and cited in the scientific literature. While there is no need for recommended articles to be submitted for publication to classical journals, this is still possible.

If you are interested in submitting a manuscript, becoming a recommender or creating a new PCI, have a look at the website for more information on how it all works or feel free to contact the PCI directly:

The Peer Community in Zoology was born!

In July 2020 the Peer Community in Zoology was founded by Ellen Decaestecker, Isa Schon, Dominique Adriaens, Benoit Facon, and Bertanne Visser. Submit your papers in the field of Zoology to PCI Zoology and publish your work for anybody to read for free! More info on how to submit or on how to become a recommender can be found here: . Join us and let’s make scientific publishing accessible and free for all!